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Maintenance of metal trophies

Maintenance of metal trophies

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We have summed up the metal trophy maintenance methods can help you to better maintain your favorite trophy.


1. The space for the metal trophy must be kept dry and free of dust and air pollutants. The temperature is 18 ℃-24 ℃ and the relative humidity is 40% 50%.


2. Dust from metal trophies should be wiped with clean and soft cloth, and corner details that require special care should be brushed with soft brushes or vacuumed or blown away.


3. Prevent contact with harmful chemical substances produced by metal trophies, such as acids, oils, chlorides, etc.


4. After the metal trophy has been placed for too long, some hoarse phenomena will appear more or less according to the placed environment. At this time, you can gently wipe it back and forth with a fine cotton cloth, which can achieve the effect of polishing. So that the surface of the protective wax layer to re-glow.


5. To prevent mechanical damage to metal trophies, they should not collide with each other and should not be stacked in one place.


Metal trophies often represent the honor won, etc., with a high commemorative price and collection significance, but the maintenance of metal trophies has a lot of attention, specific summary of the above five common and practical methods:

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