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How to customize all kinds of trophies, the cost is more cost-effective?

How to customize all kinds of trophies, the cost is more cost-effective?

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What is the meaning of customized trophies? Anyone who knows about trophies knows that due to the relationship between various trophy models, the difficulty of making and the type of machine to produce. So, how to customize various types of trophies, the cost will be more cost-effective?

Custom metal trophy

Customizing the production of various types of trophies involves a problem, that is, the mold problem. Molds are also more expensive than ordinary ones because they are more complex. Therefore, when asking about the price of custom trophy manufacturers, you can ask these types of trophy manufacturers whether they have also made trophies of similar specifications, so that they can share a mold, thus saving mold costs.

Custom plastic trophy

In addition to the mold cost, the unit price of various trophies is also important. The calculation of the unit price is related to the size, material and surface treatment of the trophy. Different materials have different processes. The cost can also be reduced according to the quantity of the product, and the more the quantity, the cheaper the price. Xin Meitai provides various types of trophies, which can be customized according to customer’s design drawings and incoming samples.

Custom resin trophy

Xinmeitai custom trophy manufacturers customize all kinds of trophies and medals for all customers, such as film trophies, character trophies, game trophies, sports trophies and other resin decorative trophies. If you want to know more about customizing trophies of various materials, please feel free to contact us at

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