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How to appreciate the art of Chinese resin sculpture?

How to appreciate the art of Chinese resin sculpture?

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The appreciation of resin sculpture art should be grasped from three aspects: volume consciousness, environmental consciousness and symbolic consciousness.


Sculpture, as an entity of three-dimensional space, first gives people a feeling in form, and shows the momentum, emotion and vitality of the image through the form. From a distance, the sculpture first touches the “image” effect, which is the overall outline of the large and undulating appearance of the work. Different resin sculptures give the audience different feelings through their respective forms of “image”. Most sculptures are made for specific environments. When placed outdoors, they must be related to the environment (sun shadow, skylight, landscape, architecture, etc.), which requires attention to environmental awareness.

For example, the excellent sculpture works coordinate with the surrounding environment, can act on the environment, make the environment become an indispensable part of the works, and create a new landscape. For example, urban sculpture refers to the sculpture placed in the fixed position in front of the city square, garden, street or building, bridgehead, etc., is the general name of the sculpture related to the appearance of the city. Excellent urban sculptures often become the symbol of urban culture and play the role of beautifying the city.

The image of resin sculpture is simple, not complex, meticulous. Therefore, the expression of the theme is usually symbolic. It’s symbolic consciousness. Chinese sculptures are usually decorated with more decorations and animal images. More is the film and television derivatives, such as game statues, cartoon statues, animation statues, film statues and so on.

Many modern abstract sculptures have the characteristics of high convergence and eye-catching because of their simplicity and spatial intention. Abstract art is not for the purpose of depicting concrete objects, but through lines, building blocks, shapes, materials, etc. All kinds of emotions stimulate people’s imagination and enlighten people’s thinking.

Finally, the appreciation of sculpture works can be from the understanding of the morphological characteristics of the works, distinguish categories, to see whether the image is beautiful, and whether it is coordinated with the environment; and then analyze the ideological content of the work, the artistic skills of the sculpture designer; finally, the understanding of the internal content of the work begins. Creativity. If a sculpture can meet people’s sensory and spiritual requirements, then the work is successful.

According to the use of different materials, resin sculpture can be divided into resin statues, stone carvings, wood carvings, root sculptures, clay sculptures, pottery sculptures, metal sculptures, gypsum statues, etc.; according to space form can be divided into round sculptures, relief, open-air sculpture; according to function and layout can be divided into urban sculpture, garden sculpture, monument sculpture, indoor sculpture, desk sculpture and so on.

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