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How does the manufacturer of the custom trophy win the customer’s order to say “No”?

How does the manufacturer of the custom trophy win the customer’s order to say “No”?

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With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, the profits of custom-made trophy factories are becoming more and more transparent. Even so, there are still a lot of customers asking for a lower price, and some customers really can’t even do the cost, let alone any profit, but they will still recruit other suppliers to cut prices with you. In order to ensure the quality of the product, it is said that it will say “no” to this part of the customer. This is for the healthy development of the enterprise, quality is the principle that Xin Meitai adheres to.

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But usually a few months later, these customers will contact Xin Meitai again because the trophies and medals they buy from other suppliers are of poor quality, easy to rust, poor surface plating, poor polishing and so on. When customers choose Xinmeitai, this time, customers will remember that you have “taken great pains” to say that some costs cannot be saved, and this is the reason for the high price. For example, football trophies and medals, basketball trophies and medals, these trophies and medals seem to be common, but you will find that there is almost no stock in the market. why?

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As the size of these trophies and trophies are different, the materials used are also different, and the cost is also different, which consumes more manpower and material resources. The company will quote the price according to the size and quantity provided by the customer. As a factory, it can clearly know how much time and manpower it takes to make the trophy and medal, and will give a reasonable price when quoting.

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