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Custom trophy maker,Custom trophies online


Which is better, resin trophies, metal trophies or plastics?

Which is better, resin trophies, metal trophies or plastics?

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Xinmei Tai often meets customers to ask resin trophies, metal trophies, plastic trophies, which is better, which is more cost-effective? We often explain their strengths to our customers, who then make choices based on their actual needs.

Resin trophies, different types of materials, different resin materials customized trophy prices are also different, its preservation and corrosion resistance are stronger, from the surface color is also more beautiful and bright. Resin materials are widely used, such as furniture decorations, small handicrafts, as well as a variety of trophies and prizes.

Metal trophies, as we all know, are more common and heavier than trophies of other materials. Xinmeitai commonly used zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, copper and other materials. Metals can also be treated by surface treatment, such as gold plating, silver plating, plating other colors to improve their rust resistance.

Plastic trophies, trophies of various styles, high quality and low price, can be freely assembled and matched. The factory has a strong trophy design department and production workshop, from trophy design, mold development to finished product output. Fine workmanship, a variety of styles, there are other colors for reference, can be freely matched according to the needs of customers.


Whether you need resin trophies or metal and plastic trophies, Xinmeitai can process custom production for you, save your purchasing costs, and provide the best quality products and services!


If you would like to know more about the custom design of various trophies, please feel free to contact us at


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