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Former Wimbledon Becker auctioned champions trophy to pay off debt

Former Wimbledon Becker auctioned champions trophy to pay off debt

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Bankrupt German men’s tennis star Becker raised 680000 7000 pounds (about S $1.2 million to S $1.75) from yesterday’s online auction of trophies and souvenirs.


According to the company in charge of the online auction, Becker beat Lund at the US Open in 1989 for the highest price of the trophy, which was sold for £150000 250. the trophy was delayed for several hours because it attracted a lot of last-minute bids.


Becker, 51, who has won six Grand Slam titles, was sentenced to bankruptcy two years ago for defaulting on a huge debt of up to 50 million pounds. However, after a number of arrears charges were dismissed, Becker’s debt has also been significantly reduced.


The auction, held in London, included bidders at Wimbledon, according to Mayden of (Wyles Hardy & Co, which is in charge of the auction.


In addition to the trophies won by Becker, the items auctioned also included photos and souvenirs. 495 people from 32 different countries are bidding for the online auction.


In addition to the US Open, Becker has also won two Australian Open titles and three Wimbledon titles, but some of the last two Grand Slam trophies are missing and are not at auction the day before yesterday.


Smith (Smith and Williamson & Williamson, Becker’s main trust manager) spokesman Ford said the auction attracted global attention and showed that Becker people still have appeal in their minds.What do you think of that? Tell me what you think.


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