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Production steps and cycles of customized trophies

Production steps and cycles of customized trophies

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Xin meitai Trophy manufacturers customizes the trophy process:

1. Open the mold; because the mold is made of silica gel, it is a soft, foldable and reversible product. This allows the leaves and subtle movements that cannot be made with steel molds to be expressed. Even the bark morphology of countless trees can be expressed very delicately; but this mold has a characteristic that it is easy to mold, and silica gel has its fixed use characteristics. When a mold reaches a certain number of production revolutions, the mold must Scrapped; so the product must have many molds when producing large orders. There must also be a special person to open the mold. The process of opening the mold from the slicing, stacking, brushing, and repairing the mold is the first step in determining whether the subsequent product is well produced.
2, molding; is to arrange the mold, grouting in the mold. The pulp here is mainly resin craft and stone powder hardening and other fillers. The Poly Glue is formulated into a fluid with a certain proportion of the filler, and then poured into the mold, and after evacuation, sealing, and demoulding, the product generates a white embryo, which is the prototype of the product.
3, grinding; mainly simple finishing work, mainly to repair the product’s mold line. Some of the back cover is smoothed.
4, repair; mainly to repair those areas that are not perfect.
5, spray color; is painted with a painted pen, according to the color of the sample, this step is mainly the color of the paint.
6, packaging; is to make the products are assembled by means of packaging, packaging is assembly.


Xin meitai Trophy manufacturers customizes the trophy cycle:
The first step is to design a solution for 5-7 days and provide 3-5 solutions.
The second step, after the program is confirmed, starts to make 3D files for 3-5 days.
The third step, after the 3D file is determined, starts to make samples, which takes about 10-15 days.
In the fourth step, after the sample is confirmed, it takes about 15-20 days to start the production (time according to the quantity).

The material of the trophy is generally of three types:

Metals (commonly used for copper, zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting or forging, surface plating and polishing. Overall stability)

Crystal (synthetic crystal-based, semi-machine semi-manually ground, the overall crystal clear, different angles of light can reflect different results.

Dewaxed glass material trophy (including 24% lead artificial crystal raw material, high refractive index, strong permeability.), synthetic (multiple materials combined together: such as resin, plastic mold casting surface plating metal Texture effect. Also useful in metal, stone, wood, synthetic.)

Shenzhen Xinmeitai Toy Model Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. Focus on high-end animation, film and television derivatives and art, trophies, medal design, production and production.

Xin Mattel-the main products of trophy manufacturers are customized to the following trophies:

Metal trophy: Metal trophy is a more common and very common trophy. It consists of a main body and a pedestal. Generally, each part required is stamped out using a stamping die, and then the components are all stringed together using tools such as a screw and a nut. of.
Resin trophy: mainly made of resin as raw material, using various styles of character-shaped trophies, with unique style trophies, souvenir-based craft trophies.
Plastic trophy: The plastic mold is cast into a surface with a metallic effect. Also useful in metal, stone, wood, synthetic. with unique style trophies, souvenir-based craft trophies.
For more information, you can consult us “Xinmeitai Toy Model Design Co., Ltd.”, thank you!

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