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Learn more about the origins of various trophies

Learn more about the origins of various trophies

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Trophy History ——China


As early as the 3,000-year-old dynasty of China in the Yin and Zhou dynasties, with the prevalence of archery, the championship has emerged. “Zhou Li” contains an official named Knife Chang. He once hangs on a bamboo raft head and uses a yak tail and colored feathers to make a silver wine glass hanging from a hundred steps. The shot is awarded with a wine glass. As for the souvenir of Tang You’s brocade as a reward for the winners, it is called the “stakes”.

In the 9th century Tang Xuanzong, the winner of the Go game was awarded the Golden Flower Bowl. The dragon boat race popular in the Song Dynasty also won the silver bowl. The method is to hang the silver bowl on the benchmark of the key, and the first to get the silver bowl, called the “winning”.

History of Western Trophies

In the West, the trophy is derived from the British Love Cup. According to Western historical records, there was a king in the United Kingdom who once sat on horseback and took a glass of wine from others to be drunk, and was stabbed to death by the assassin. From then on, a ritual was formed at the British banquet: a large wine glass, which was passed in the guests in turn, and circled for a week; whenever a guest took the glass, he not only stood up, but also The people next to him also have to stand up and say that “protecting” drinkers are not concealed like Edward. The wine glass in this ritual is called the Loving Cup. The Love Cup was a precious gift to the “second class” at the time. Later, people turned this “love cup” to the winner of the competition, which turned into the current trophy. Today’s trophy is derived from this “love cup”. Until now, the trophy still retains the traces of the “love cup” of the year. Such as the trophy is usually relatively large, most with two long ears, these characteristics are left behind by the “love cup.”

World famous trophy

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award, referred to as the Academy Awards Oscar trophy, is a 13.5-inch 3.9 kg gold-plated nude male figure with hands crossed over his chest and a long sword. Designed by the famous American sculptor George Stanley.

Cannes Golden Palm Award Cannes International Film Festival’s highest award Inspired by the palm trees of the coastal town of Cannes, its trophy is a gold palm branch set in clear crystal, so it is called “Golden Palm”

The Venice Golden Lion Bonus Award is the highest honor in the world’s first film festival, the Venice Film Festival. The trophy is a golden lion with two wings open.

The Berlin Golden Bear Awards Berlin Film Festival and Venice and Cannes are also known as the three major European film festivals. The highest award Golden Bear Award comes from the city’s emblem “Bear”.

French film Caesar Award The highest honor of the French film, known as the “Oscar of France”, named after the famous French sculptor César Baldaccini, who designed the trophy for the Caesar Award

The David Prize is Italy’s most famous film award. The highest-level annual awards ceremony in the Italian film industry is also known as the Italian Film Academy Award. Its trophy history is the epitome of David, the famous sculpture of the Italian Renaissance sculptor Donatello.

The Goya Awards Goya Award is the highest award in Spanish film, and the awards ceremony brings together the best Western language movies of the year. The Goya Awards are presented by the Spanish Academy of Arts and Film Sciences and are named after the Spanish art master Francisco Goya. The trophy is a bust of a Goya. The Taiwan Film Golden Horse Prize Horse Award is a film award hosted by the Taiwanese region. It is the highest honor of Chinese filmmakers and is regarded as the Oscar of Chinese film. The word “Golden Horse” is taken from the combination of the first words of Kinmen and Mazu.

The Hong Kong Film Awards The Hong Kong Film Awards is one of the most important awards in the Hong Kong and Greater China film industry. It is the annual event of the Hong Kong film industry. The trophy of the Golden Award is now designed in 1990. It is a goddess with a hand-held planet and a film, and is full of a sense of longing. It is said that Linyi is from Hong Kong Miss Zheng Wenya.

The China Film Golden Rooster Bonus Chicken Award was jointly sponsored by the China Film Association and the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles. It was founded in 1981. It was named the Golden Rooster Award for its Chinese Lunar Year of the Rooster. The Golden Rooster Award and the Hong Kong Film Awards and the Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards are also known as the Chinese Film Awards. The Golden Rooster Award trophy is a copper-plated golden rooster, with a golden rooster and encourages filmmakers to dance. The trophy is a golden rooster that sings.

The Emmy Awards are the highest awards in the American television industry, and the status is as important as the Oscars in the film industry and the Grammy Awards in the music industry. The Emmy trophy holds an atom for a woman with wings, the wings represent the muse of art, and the atom represents electronic science, which was designed by television engineer Louis McManus with his wife.

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